Complaints/Refund Policy


Green Mill Solutions has procedures in place for handling complaints or appeals against its decisions and for managing requests for refund.

Any candidate or customer has the right to make a complaint or appeal regarding the quality of a training course or regarding the result of a certification exam.

The candidate or customer will need to inform Green Mill Solutions in writing about the complaint or appeal as soon as possible.

Green Mill Solutions maintains documented procedures for the evaluation of any such complaints and appeals related to the quality of training courses or against its decisions regarding (re)-accreditation, (re)-certification, suspension and withdrawal of examinations.

Upon the receipt of a complaint or appeal, Green Mill Solutions will immediately start an investigation process and within 24 hours will inform all service delivery Partners involved (Trainers, Examination Institutes, etc..).

Green Mill Solutions will notify the candidate in writing of the investigation results and of their rights to further object to this decision in case of unresolved issues.

Green Mill Solutions will also notify related Customers and Partners immediately (within 24 hours) of any complaint received regarding the (non-)implementation of GDPR provisions and any infringement thereof or of any breach of the security of personal data and shall respond and implement corrective measures (if any).



If the investigation results indicate that the complaint or appeal is justified, Green Mill Solutions will (based on the candidate’s or customer’s preference) :

  1. allow the candidate or customer to attend the new training or exam session for free,
  2. refund the candidate or customer for the training and/or exam fees paid to Green Mill Solutions.